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Cloud API- PHP SDK multiple questions



I’m using the api and php sdk to convert 1 html file into a pdf and its working ok but there is one problem.

In my html file there is a css3 linear-gradient(#000000,#FFFFFF); which is not showing up in the pdf for some reason. Does your api not recognize this css property?


In my html file I also am adding an image from my site at the sites location e.g. When the html file is converted into a PDF the image doesn't show up, just a little square but it doesn't render the image properly in the PDF file.


We are sorry to hear that you have such an issue. We checked the image URL that you provided ( and found that it is not accessible. When we tried to open it we get this page instead of the image. Please double check that the URL you use for the image is accessible.

As for CSS3 support – please check this article for supported CSS features:
If you have more questions please feel free to contact us.


That wasn't the real URL I sent you but an example illustrating the direct path to the image that was placed in the html

I don't need you to check that the image exists; I know it exists because it's in the doc manager. The image doesn't render in the HTML.

Also for this convert functionality you don't have a natively coded API? Is this aspose site some other service that groupdocs uses for it's API?



Thank you for clarifying. We tried to reproduce the issue with image rendering after conversion html file to the pdf file with different image types and all time image was rendered well for us. Could you please share with us example of the html file that you use for conversion. Also will be helpful if you share example of your code which you use for conversion that we can check and fix it for you.

As for natively coded API – sorry but this information is internal information which we should not share with the customers.

If you will have more questions please feel free to contact us.