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Convert PDF to Microsoft Word Document in Python with GroupDocs.Conversion REST API without Microsoft Word

The’s API generated the following error:

Error: ConvertDocument. Parameters: convertSettings ‘{“FilePath”:“Sample.pdf”,“Format”:“docx”,“LoadOptions”:{“RemoveEmbeddedFiles”:false,“HidePdfAnnotations”:true,“FlattenAllFields”:true},“ConvertOptions”:{“Width”:0,“Height”:0,“Dpi”:96.0,“Zoom”:100,“FromPage”:1,“PagesCount”:1},“OutputPath”:“sample.docx”}’. Exception: The surrogate pair (0xD835, 0xD835) is invalid. A high surrogate character (0xD800 - 0xDBFF) must always be paired with a low surrogate character (0xDC00 - 0xDFFF)…

  • Trace Id: 1-5ec490c8-8d550b75af9c69a8a59db819
  • Timestamp: 5/20/2020 2:07:04 AM


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We are sorry for the inconvenience. We have tested the scenario and unable to reproduce your reported issue. Please share your code along with the input document here. We will test the scenario and will guide you accordingly.

# Import module
import groupdocs_conversion_cloud
from shutil import copyfile

# Get your app_sid and app_key at (free registration is required).
app_sid = "xxxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxxxxxxxx"
app_key = "xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx"

# Create instance of the API
convert_api = groupdocs_conversion_cloud.ConvertApi.from_keys(app_sid, app_key)
file_api = groupdocs_conversion_cloud.FileApi.from_keys(app_sid, app_key)


        #upload soruce file to storage
        filename = '02_pages.pdf'
        remote_name = '02_pages.pdf'
        output_name= 'sample.docx'

        request_upload = groupdocs_conversion_cloud.UploadFileRequest(remote_name,filename)
        response_upload = file_api.upload_file(request_upload)
        #Convert PDF to DOCX
        settings = groupdocs_conversion_cloud.ConvertSettings()
        settings.file_path =remote_name
        settings.format = strformat
        settings.output_path = output_name

        loadOptions = groupdocs_conversion_cloud.PdfLoadOptions()
        loadOptions.hide_pdf_annotations = True
        loadOptions.remove_embedded_files = False
        loadOptions.flatten_all_fields = True

        settings.load_options = loadOptions

        convertOptions = groupdocs_conversion_cloud.DocxConvertOptions()
        convertOptions.from_page = 1
        convertOptions.pages_count = 1
        settings.convert_options = convertOptions
        request = groupdocs_conversion_cloud.ConvertDocumentRequest(settings)
        response = convert_api.convert_document(request)
        print("Document converted successfully: " + str(response))
        #Download Document from Storage        
        request_download = groupdocs_conversion_cloud.DownloadFileRequest(output_name)
        response_download = file_api.download_file(request_download)
        copyfile(response_download, 'sample_copy.docx')
        print("Result {}".format(response_download))
except groupdocs_conversion_cloud.ApiException as e:
        print("Exception when calling get_supported_conversion_types: {0}".format(e.message))