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GroupDocs Cloud Annotations Exporting in the wrong areas of a document



We have users who are exporting annotated documents with comments, and when they open the documents in Adobe Reader, the annotations are not appearing in the same place they appear in the viewer. The purpose of their annotations are to select areas of a document with the rectangle tool to point out issues. The rectangles don’t appear in the proper spot which is rendering the tool useless. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.


Bob Amelung


Hi @SiteTraker_Admin We are sorry to hear that you have such issue, We will investigate it and then return to you.

Best regards


Hi Pavel,

Do you know if there has been any findings with this issue? We are going to start losing users if this cant get fixed soon. Also, I’ve tried about 5 different methods of reaching out to GroupDocs for paid support and I haven’t gotten a response from anyone. Can you put me in touch with someone from your sales team so we can get that process started?



Hi @SiteTraker_Admin I have tried to reproduce your issue - but unfortunately I can’t, all annotations are placed in the same place as you can see on this screenshot . On the left side is the original document opened in the Annotation tool and on the right side is the Adobe Reader version.
Could you please share a step by step guide for how to reproduce the issue and the document example of possible.

As for the sales team contacts - please contact our sales team via this email -

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Hi Pavel,

I’ve emailed you an example to reproduce this on your end.




Hi @SiteTraker_Admin Thank you for the example. I will check it and then return to you with the results.

Best regards.


Hi @SiteTraker_Admin I was able to reproduce the issue. Looks like it related to the document you use. Our Product team created a bug ticket for it and will resolve it.

When the fix will be available - you will be notified here.

Sorry for the inconvenience.


Hi Pavel,

Do you have an update on this or an ETA on when it will be resolved? We’re getting feedback from our users that they want to explore other products because of this.




Hi @SiteTraker_Admin Thank you for coming back. Sorry, but according to our support policies we do not provide any ETA.

Please be patient and when it will be fixed - you will be notified.

Sorry for the inconvenience.


Hi Pavel,

Do you have an update on this issue?


Hi @SiteTraker_Admin Thank you for asking. Unfortunately no, this issue is in the queue for fixing.

Sorry for the inconvenience.


Any updates? Users have been unable to export documents with annotations for over a month now.



We are sorry for your inconvenience. We are coordinating with our product team and will share an update with you as soon as possible.

Thanks for your patience and cooperation.


Hi @SiteTraker_Admin Sorry for the delay. Our Product team works hard to release a new generation of the API and now it’s released. Also I have discussed with them if this issue is fixed in it and found out that it’s fixed.
The best way to resolve it on your side is to migrate to the new APi version. For more info about the new API and how to use it please investigate this documentation

Also if you will need any help please feel free to contact us.

Best regards.