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How to use embedded Viewer App of GroupDocs.VIewer Cloud API in Drupal?

Dear Team,

We need to buy your GroupDocs API for the following:

1- Preview all type of document from our application which is developed in Drupal on linux server over cloud.

Please let me know the following queries:

1- What type of API need to be implement for Preview all type of documents with Prices.
2- Please provide me list of prices against space / GB provided by Group Docs.
3- Document will be preview at large scale from different geographical location.
4- What would be the performance in terms of time to preview document.
5- Will Groupdocs provide download option in same preview section.
6- Is there any time limit to open document for preview.

Swift response is required!



Thank you for your enquiry and we answered this enquiry in email. I will transfer it to GroupDocs.Viewer forum for you.

Kind regards,


Hi @upendrayadav1991 Thank you for your interest in GroupDocs.

  1. To preview the documents you just need our GroupDocs.Viewer plugin for Drupal which you can download here . Also you will need to register an GroupDocs account here .
    1.1 If you need to develop your own custom plugin you can use our SDK which you can find here . Examples are here and the documentation is here

  2. All pricing info with specifications and explanations you will find in your account settings after registration at this tab .

  3. Should not be any problems.

  4. As for the performance - unfortunately I can’t provide such info because its depends from various things such as document size, number of pages, internet capacity of the specific user etc.

  5. Yes.

  6. No.

Dear Team,

Thanks for your reply.

I need some more clarity. Please provide me below details:

1- I have read “supported file size upto 100MB only” in GroupDocs viewer document. Please clarify.
2- What is limitation of space to store document.
3- When user preview document then API call to first document on GroupDocs server and then preview but next time it will preview from GroupDocs server. Please clarify.
4- please provide me difference in details for
Business Plus, Enterprise Basic, Enterprise plus and others also if possible.
5- What is meaning of operation/ month and extra op.


Hi @upendrayadav1991 Thank you for coming back.

  1. That means that you can upload and view a file which size is upto 100Mb. - bigger file is not allowed.
  2. The total storage space is depends from the subscription plan which will purchase. It can be 2Gb or 3Gb
  3. Sorry, I’m afraid I’m not get you. Could you please clarify what you mean here and description for which part of the viewing process you want that I explain.
  4. There is three major difference:
  • Max file size allowed to upload
  • Number of the operations per month
  • Cost of the extra operation (extra operation is a operation which exceeds your allowed limits ). For example you have a 100 operations per month but you need to do a 101 operation - this 1 operation over the limits will be an extra operation.
  1. Each time you produce an output from GroupDocs for Cloud, we count it as an operation. An output can be a displayed, annotated, signed, assembled, converted or compared document. Here is how the operations are counted per GorupDocs.Viewer product:
  • GroupDocs.Viewer: each viewed document is counted as one operation, regardless of the number of viewers or views for this particular document.

More info about the subscription you can find here.

Best regards.

Dear Team,

Thank you very much for providing information. but i need more clarity on below points:

1- What is maximum size of storage if i take enterprise plan. please provide me details of each and every plan with maximum size of storage.
2- If i take any plan and perform 100 operation per month for example but i use only 50 operation then would it carry forward for next month or my billing will be reduced?
3- Can we do dynamic billing as per usages?

Please provide me above details as much as possible.


Hi @upendrayadav1991

  1. Startup Basic 2Gb , Startup Plus 2Gb, Business Basic 3Gb, Enterprise Basic 3Gb.
  2. Sorry but I’m a technical support and such questions go beyond my competence. Please contact our sales team to clarify this question.
  3. Same as for the second question.

Best regards.

Dear Team,

Once again thanks for your reply. But our customer is very much curious about to know each and everything.

Please let me know following answers asap:

1- What is difference between groupdocs .net, java and cloud and which one can use for PHP application.
2- Is this link ( show one time payment for on-prem services where we have to provide our own server and use your services. if yes please provide me more details pertaining to prices and services and server details and how to use these services.
3- If I use groupdocs services on-prem and my php application is running on cloud so how can they communicate with each other.
4- Startup Basic 2Gb , Startup Plus 2Gb, Business Basic 3Gb, Enterprise Basic 3Gb
If these plans only provide upto 3 GB space that means all the preview documents will not remain save on groupdocs server. every time user will click on preview link then document will upload and then preview.Please explain this mechanism that how preview work in terms of upload and preview.

I will appriciate if you can provide me more details on above points asap.


Hi @upendrayadav1991

  1. GroupDocs for .NET and for Java is a stand alone libraries which does not require the GroupDocs Web API and has nothing with the GroupDocs Cloud API. These two libraries allows to implement all GroupDocs functionality in your application with out any web requests to the GroupDocs server. Also these two libraries allows to work with your local files or any other storage that you will implement. As for the Cloud - its a totaly Web depending REST full API which works only with the GroupDocs server and all documents should be stored on our server or on the one of the supported cloud storages such as Amazon S3, Google Drive etc.
    For PHP application you can use our GroupDocs PHP SDK which allows you to work with GroupDocs Cloud API. But in the same time you have one more opportunity: if you need to work with your local documents or you need more flexibility and control over the total process you can Develop your own Web API application based on GroupDocs .NET or Java library and integrate it with your PHP application. This variant are more complicated in comparison with the Cloud API SDK usage but provides much more opportunity. IF you need more info about such approach please create a new forum thread and we will help you.

  2. Sorry but I’m a technical support and such questions go beyond my competence. Please contact our sales team to clarify this question.

  3. If you will use GroupDocs Cloud your application will communicate with each other via Web requests sent from the SDK.

  4. Preview mechanism works in such way (if you will use the Cloud API) :
    4.1 Document uploaded to the GroupDocs server in your account.
    4.2 To view the document you will embed the iframe with such URL{file guid}’ at your web page where you need to view the document.
    According on this the document should be uploaded only once - before the first previewing. To view another document you just need to change the file guid in the iframe URL.

Also please investigate these live demo examples based on GroupDocs PHP SDK. You can check each sample source code via the link in every example.

Best regards.

Thank you for previous reply.

We have few more question about the GroupDocs, those are below,

1- Pricing & Location: Please define meaning of one developer and one deployment location?
As per our requirement for example we will be placing one server in India and the mirror image of same will be in UK then in that case which licence type will apply.
2- Conversion and Loading: Once it start the preview the documents, will it convert the entire document before previewing it or it will convert as we scroll down to view more pages.
3- Preview Time : How much time it will take while preview approx 100MB file like xlsx, pptx, docs etc. Is there preview time vary as per the file type of the content. Is there any caching of file means If i am viewing same document on second time then it will take less then comparatively first time preview?
4- File Upload on GroupDocs server: Is GroupDocs storing preview file on the server? While we preview the file with groupdocs Java Viewer api then will that file will uploaded on the GroupDocs server first and then it will preview.
5- Licensing: Developer Small Business licence for the one time payment only or annually payment?
6- Security: How groupdocs provide the security about the all file in directory because we are providing full path of directory.

Hi @uppiyadav1 Thank you for coming back.

  1. Please contact our sales team ( ) and they will clarify all.
  2. When you open the document for preview it will convert entire document.
  3. Unfortunately we did not conduct such tests because the performance depends from a lot of things in a specific case such as content type (images, text etc.), internet speed etc. Any way the first page of the document will be shown rapidly and the rest pages will be loaded when you scroll down. As for the documents types - this does not particularly affect the performance. Caching - yes we store document cache and when you will open document for the second time it will load faster.
  4. Yes, when you use GroupDocs.Viewer for Cloud the document shouldbe uploaded first and all its cache will be stored at GroupDocs server. But if you will use GroupDocs.Viewer for Java library you can store documents and cache anywhere you want, this library doesn’t require GroupDocs server.
  5. Please contact our sales team ( ) and they will clarify all.
  6. If you will use GroupDocs .Viewr for Java library - security depends on you, you can develop anything you want since the library provides only the document viewing functionality. As for the security in the GroupDocs Cloud API you can find all info here

Best regards.

Dear Team,

I am aways to thankful for your prompt response.

I showcased document preview to customer but it was not displaying power point and excel format. is Trial version only support word document? Please let me know.


Hi @uppiyadav1 Trial version supports all format as the paid plan. Could you please share with me your documents that I can check this issue on my side.

Best regards.

Dear Support,

Thanks for your help.

As we have decided to use cloud environment for our application so we need some more queries:

1- can we deploy GroupDocs on HA to support the distributed / decouple environment so that in case of auto scaling we can also leverage the benefit of document preview for Java.

  1. We will also store files in a folder but it will mount to S3 bucket so can we also make a call to s3 bucket for preview.


Hi @uppiyadav1 Thank you for these questions. You can integrate GroupDocs SDK with project of any type and server. SDK works on any platform since it just send REST API calls to GroupDocs server.

As for the S3 storage - yes you can configure S3 as you storage provider in your GroupDocs account.

Best regards.