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Merge / Combine Excel spreadsheets using GroupDocs.Merger REST API splits data into different pages

I am new to groupdocs.merger and it’s a great product. I am mergeing pdf, doc, docx, xlsx, xls and pptx using the cURL API. But the excel sheet always breaks the columns into the next page on the output pdf file.
Is there an option to set the excel documents to landscape and make the columns autofit into the A4.
Please, help out.


We will appreciate it if you please share your sample input documents along with the current output and expected output. It will help us to address your issue exactly.

Kindly find attached the documents as requested.

Excel testing.zip (726.8 KB)

I merged Doc 1 (xlsx) and Doc 2 (docx) and output a pdf file. I also attached the expected pdf output of the merged doc 1.

Thank you.


Thanks for sharing sample documents. We have logged a ticket MERGERCLOUD-57 for further investigation and will keep you updated about the issue resolution progress.


You can achieve your requirements in two steps. First, change the page orientation of your Excel spreadsheets and then merge the updated Excel spreadsheets. Please check the following documentation for details and sample orientation options for your sample document.

  "FileInfo": {
    "FilePath": "Doc_1.xlsx" 
  "OutputPath": "Doc_1_landscape.xlsx",
  "Mode": "Landscape",
  "StartPageNumber": 1,
  "EndPageNumber": 1

Thank you.
So helpful.

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