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Add Collaborator one by one



Thanks for email.

Could you please help me out in below scenario can i achieve it using Groupdocs cloud API.

I want to send the email to all the Collaborator
one by one.I ll select the user from my application and the order in
which the email will go.Suppose i select three users

User1,User2,User3 from my application and order to send email as

set at order 1(e.g User1 get the email first before any of user(User2
or User3 )and he/she will do the annotation and then email goes to User 3
because his order is 2 )

User2 set at order 3(e.g User2 get the email after the annotation done by User 1 and User3)

User3 set at order 2((e.g User 3 will do the annotation and then email goes to User 2 because his order is 3)

At all point of annotation email notification will send to all users(User1,User2,User3).

Is there any way to achieve this functionality?If so then please help me in this regard.




Hello Priyanka,

Thank you for your request. The functional you want can be implemented by using Callbacks in Annotation Api. We will create sample which will show how to use them. As soon as this sample will be ready we will notify you.

If we can help you more please feel free to contact us via support forum or email.


Thanks for the update.


Hello Priyanka,

Thank you for patience. We investigated your usecase and it's not possible to understand clearly when user finishes annotate the document and when next user should start annotate the doc. If you want to invite users to annotate the document after you, you can implement next functionality:

1. Create custom button - Invite or Finish annotation

2. User clicks this button when all his annotations are done

3. Button handler will send email to the next user you want to invite or you can show email or user which you want to invite

If you have more questions, please feel free to get back in touch, via support forum or email.


Hello Pavel

Thanks for making effort to understand my requirement and providing the guidance.

Here is the complete flow what i want in my application.

Step 1:- First user(User1) as per order setting will annotate the document with the help of “Save” button and click on “Finish” button to finish his annotation and then document goes to User2 as soon as he click on finish button.

Step 2:-Second user(User2) as per the order will get the same document which consist of the annotation of (User1).User2 put some comment on it and click on “Finish” button as soon as he click on “Finish” goes to User3 and so on…

Can i get any kind of sample code from your side on this?