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Amazon S3 integration with GroupDocs Cloud Viewer


We are planning to evaluate the GroupDocs Viewer for the cloud and had a few questions. We would appreciate it if you could answer those for us.

  1. We use Amazon S3 for storing files in our solution. I understand we can configure GroupDocs to store files on the S3 account as well. We would like to know if we can provide a S3 URL to GroupDocs when viewing a file?
  2. If yes to the question above, won’t this essentially double the storage we use on S3, especially since in our scenario the file is going to be only viewed for a short duration?
  3. Are there samples using the Cloud Viewer in JavaScript or .Net using S3?



Thank you for your questions.
1. Unfortunately no, the S3 URLs requires authorization and user tokens to be passed, since that the only way to access your S3 storage in the GroupDocs is to configure your GroupDocs account.
2. No, it will not double the S3 storage.
3. All examples are here and there is no any difference in the use case depending on the storage selected.

Best regards.