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ASP.NET Core GroupDocs.Editor Cloud

Is there a modern version of GroupDocs.Editor Cloud for ASP.NET Core?


Please try GroupDocs.Editor Cloud SDK for .NET, it works with .NET Core. Please let us know if you face any issue in this regard.


I did look into it and I couldn’t get quite understand how would I consume the service from Blazor WebAssembly project. The GroupDocs.Editor Cloud service provides me with HTML, but wouldn’t I need some sort of client-side element/rendering? The ASP.NET Core solution shared in examples is dated and I couldn’t get it running.

@tilal.ahmad, to be more specific, the documentation says

You can just load documents via GroupDocs.Editor into any WYSIWYG editor, edit document in a way you want and save it back to the original document format.

How any WIYSIWYG knows about the options your product supports? Something doesn’t add up here and this is where my struggle is.


I am afraid GroupDocs.Editor Cloud API does not provide any UI. You need to make a request as per your requirement to edit a document and use the response as per your workflow. For example please check the following documentation article you can get parameter values from the client side to edit text.

Furthermore, please check the demo applications. Though these demos use on-premise APIs, but they will give you an idea of how to use GroupDocs.Editor API.

Ok. That’s aligned with my observations. Thank you

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