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AWS S3 bucket as storage - Invalid connection

I’m trying to configure a AWS S3 bucket as storage.
I’ve created the bucket and iam user, and after adding the bucket and credentials on groupdocs cloud, the “verify connection” gives me “Invalid connection”

The policy used to connect the iam user with the bucket is the following

    "Statement": [
            "Action": [
            "Effect": "Allow",
            "Resource": [
    "Version": "2012-10-17"

groupdocs-s3.png (28.5 KB)

I manually tested the access using key+secret and could do upload/download/delete/list

Do the bucket need to be in any specific region? this is created in eu-west-1


No, there is no specific region requirement to configure AWS S3 storage with the GroupDocs Cloud API.

Please note that when you configure external Amazon S3 storage, the GroupDocs Cloud APIs need access to the following APIs on the bucket. Please double check the access.

Required APIs access:

  • GetObjectMetadada API
  • ListObjects API

Optional APIs:

  • CopyObject API
  • PutObject API
  • GetPreSignedURL API
  • PutBucket API
  • PutBucketVersioning API
  • DeleteObject API
  • ListVersions API
  • GetObject API
  • DeleteBucket API

thanks for your help,

I did change the action to these now (even though I believe the wildcard earlier was providing access to all actions)

Action = [

Same result. It still says “Invalid connection”.
I double checked the credentials by using “FileZilla Pro”


We are looking into the issue and will update you shortly.

I proceeded by testing the API even if I get the error on “Verify connection”.
It appears that it actually works, so the error is inaccurate.


Thanks for the update. Definitely, it will help us investigate the issue.