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Azure blob storage url for cloud document viewer

I am trying your cloud document viewer pasting a url in the “Open file from the web” field.

I get an error message "The specified path too long. The fully qualified path name must be less than 260 characters"
But my url is only 211 characters.

fyi, the url is a link to azure blob storage with an SAS similar to below



Thank you for your request. To view documents stored in your Azure storage you can configure integration of your Azure storage with GroupDocs in your account settings on the Storage tab

Best regards.

This would require supplying GroupDocs with my Azure account key which is definitely not 'best practice’

Why cannot I pass a Url with SAS information? This would be passed along to azure which would accept and supply the doc.


Sorry for the delay. I have discussed this with our Product team and here what I have found out:
the document saved in db has the entire url as filename…also on groupdocsStorage it is stored in a folder My Web Documents so for accessing the file from Groupdocs storage the paths is like -
My Web Documents\
which has more than 260 characters the file has to be retrieved from groupdocs storage when it is opened in viewer so the error comes from that section of code.

We will resolve this issue.

Best regards.

Has the issue been resolved?


Thank you for asking. Unfortunately this issue is not resolved yet - our Product team continue to work on it.

When the fix will be released - you will be updated here.

Sorry for the inconvenience.