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Batch Conversion pdf to doc


do you have a code sample for batch conversion? I have a directory containing a number of pdf and would like to convert all of them. Your example code is for one file at the time.

thank you


Thanks for your inquiry. You can achieve your requirement by processing files in a loop. Please iterate through the directory, upload the PDF documents to storage and convert. Here is a sample code, you can improve/modify it as per your requirements.

// Create necessary API instances
var configuration = new Configuration(MyAppSid, MyAppKey);
var fileApi = new FileApi(configuration);            
var convertApi = new ConvertApi(configuration);

var pathToSourceFiles = @"C:/Temp/input/";            
var format = "docx";
var folder = "Temp";

DirectoryInfo dir = new DirectoryInfo(pathToSourceFiles);
System.IO.FileInfo[] files = dir.GetFiles();
foreach (System.IO.FileInfo file in files)
    // upload file to storage
    var requestUpload = new UploadFileRequest(folder+"/"+file.ToString(), System.IO.File.OpenRead(file.FullName), null);
    var responseUpload = fileApi.UploadFile(requestUpload);
    // Prepare convert settings
    var settings = new ConvertSettings
        FilePath = folder + "/" + file.ToString(),
        Format = format,
        OutputPath = "converted"

    // Convert to specified format
    var response = convertApi.ConvertDocument(new ConvertDocumentRequest(settings));