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Cannot find client ID and API key of GroupDocs Cloud App

I’ve been trying to demo your product and have been having a rough go at it. I tried the joomla plugin only to find out its not supported. I have acquired a WordPress site to test the plugin and now I cannot get my client ID and API.

Any help would be appreciated.

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Hi @amgis, Thank you for your inquiry. All GroupDocs CMS plugins uses legacy API which is deprecated. In the same time all plugins are open source and you can rebuild it to use new GroupDocs API as described here in a nutshell
you need to do next :

  1. Remove SDK which is present in the plugin,
  2. Add new SDK in it.
  3. Update plugin code which calls GroupDocs SDK with new methods according to the product specific documentation (GroupDocs.Viewer, GroupDocs.Annotation etc.)

Best regards.