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Convert large PDF file to HTML in Python using GroupDocs.Conversion REST API

We are trying to convert PDF to HTML through python using APIs.
Our process -:
We upload the file, convert it and download it.

For smaller files (within 2MB) we are able to get the output. For bigger files about 15 MB, we can see files are getting uploaded but the conversion call is not happening. Based on our observation 4 calls happen in API usage logs -: check file exists, file upload, /convert and then download. The last 2 calls are to coming for the larger files. We want to purchase API plans post-testing this.

Please let us know what might be the issue. Also if you can provide more detailed logs that would be good .


We are sorry for the inconvenience. We have noticed the reported issue and logged a ticket CONVERSIONCLOUD-402 to investigate the large files conversion with Python SDK. We will update you as soon as we fix it.

Any updates on the same? We want to buy the product as it does a good conversion. But due to this issue, we are now stuck. Please provide an SLA for the issue.


Thanks for your feedback. I am afraid we have recently noticed the issue and currently, it is pending for investigation in the queue. We will share an ETA as soon as the investigation is completed.

Till then any alternative can be suggested? which can be implemented with Python ?


I am afraid we can not suggest any workaround for the moment. It seems some configuration issue with the GroupDocs.Conversion Cloud server instance. Please wait for the fix. We are looking at the issue with high priority.

Also, we tried your reference swagger which has a PUT call in the convert APIs ( It crashes in the backend and the response is failed to fetch for a pdf file of 15MB. So is this issue not only with python? Do we need to have a premium account? Please let us know.


Thanks for sharing the additional information.

No, the issue is not related to some pricing plan but production server configuration as already shared above.

Any Updates on the issue? Can we have a skype call setup, because we want to purchase it once it is resolved?


I am afraid the issue is still not resolved. However, we have escalated the issue to the next level for a quick resolution. Secondly, we only provide technical support via forums. For sales related queries you can contact our sales team.


We have good news for you, your above reported issue is resolved. Please try it should work now.