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Convert XLSX in GroupDocs.Conversion Cloud Container Miss Some Rows

when converting XLSX to XLSX, I see that some rows are missing. for example, the ones that are painted yellow under line 38. or the empty ones between the value “123” and the upper lines.
attached is the example xlsx, before and after the conversion.
Archive.zip (41.3 KB)


Please share the API version (e.g. 22.8, 22.10) and platform (.NET or Java) that you are using and we’ll investigate this scenario accordingly.

We are using API version 21.12, we are using “groupdocs/conversion-cloud:latest” docker image and connecting over HTTP using swagger generated client.


By setting the skipEmptyRowsAndColumns property of the LoadOptions object to false, you can convert XLSX in GroupDocs.ConversionCloudContainer without any problems.


Secondly, please use the latest release of GroupDocs.Conversion Cloud Docker Container, 22.10.

Hi Tilal,
I tried what you suggested.
When converting directly with the Groupdocs container it works fine, but when I use the generated client with swagger, it seems that the “LoadOptions” struct does not include the “skipEmptyRowsAndColumns” property. I follow the execution and arrive to the “setBody” function in client.go in the swagger generated code, and when “json.NewEncoder(bodyBuf).Encode(body” in called, the “bodybuf” buffer is being populated only with the “Password” property.
any suggestions?

Im using “GroupDocs.Conversion Cloud API Reference”, version 21.12.

Hi again,
I figured out where the problem was.
you can close the ticket. thanks.


Thanks for your feedback. It is good to know that you have managed to resolve the issue.