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Create Paragraph Text as an answer


For the Cloud Assembly App, a paragraph text would be most helpful first, with the other standard fields below also being very useful:

  • Paragraph Text (Most important for us)
  • Choose from a List
  • Scale (With variables for scale min/max and optional labels for each, or only one, variable)
  • Grid With the ability to add more Rows / Columns and specify row labels
  • Date Field (Option to include Time) That shows the user a calendar control (Defaults to today or blank, set in assembly)
  • Time Only Field (Default to blank, can auto-set to Now() in assembly form.
  • Help text for each question (optional)


Hello Eric,

Thank you for your interest in GroupDocs. We will describe requested fields in order that you ask:

1 Paragraph text – is on developing now and will be ready soon

2 Choose from a List – this feature is released already

3 Scale – could you please provide more info about what to you need in this feature that our developers can investigate it.

4 Grid With the ability to add more Rows – We develop now new template editor which will allow this

5 Date Field – the same as for Grid With

6 Time Only Field and Help text for each question – We will add it to our roadmap for developing.

If you will have more questions please feel free to contact us.