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Customize header snd remove thumbs cloud api



Is it possible to remove the powered by groupdocs viewer header or customize it using the cloud api signature product?

Also, is there away to remove the thumbs tab button as it gets in the way when signing on a mobile device?



Thank you for your question. Unfortunately no, you can’t customize embeded Signature cloud service header. All available settings for the Signature service which you can use is in your GroupDocs account settings .

In case using Viewer service (sorry form your post is not clear which GroupDocs service you will use Viewer or Signature) you can customize header of the embeded Viewer, you can change settings in the same place as for the Signature service but on the “Viewer” tab .

Best regards.


Thank you. We are using the signature cloud api product.

I see where to change the viewer options but it doesn’t seem to change the viewer used in signature product when viewing a document to sign.

Is it possible to do this with cloud api? If not, it it possible in the on premium version.



Thank you for clarification. Unfortunately no, the settings for the header which you have for the Viewer will not be applied for the Signature because it’s absolutely different services (if you will check URL which you have in the iframe you will see that).

Thank you.


Ok. Thank you.

One more question

Is it possible to auto expand the sign box and remove the choose color options so the actual signature window is larger or ideally sizes to the size of the device?

If not, is it possible with on premises version?



Thank you for coming back. Automatically no, but when the sign bialog is opened you can expand it with this button

Best regards.