Docx to Html conversion issue in nodejs - docker conversion api

Hi Team
While converting from docx to html using groupdocs docker conversion api, bullets symbols are not showing properly. but in groupdocs cloud api it’s shows properly.

Is there any difference between docker and cloud in html conversion?


Could you please specify the API platform (e.g. Java or .NET) and version or better share the documentation link that you are referring to?
Secondly, please share the problematic DOCX and the output HTML. We’ll then guide you accordingly.

Please find the details
docker documentation link : Docker

docx file : docx_sample.docx (9.3 KB)

html :
docx_sample.docx (9.27 KB)
Screenshot from 2022-11-28 09-50-46.png (20.2 KB)


It is a missing font issue. Please note that the standard fonts are installed on the groupdocs cloud server, so you are getting correct results from the groupdocs cloud hosted API. Kindly upload the missing font to the cloud storage(the data folder in the case of Docker) and pass its path via FontsPath parameter.

@tilal.ahmad Thank you .
could you please share the sample custom font file ?


You can look up the required fonts using google.

@tilal.ahmad .Thank you
In docker conversion api , what should be the filePath. can i use local path ?
let settings = new conversion_cloud.ConvertSettings();
settings.filePath = “./abcdoc.docx”
settings.format = “html”;
settings.fontsPath = “data/Wingdings-Regular-Font.ttf”;
{ message: ‘/abcdoc.docx’, code: ‘internalError’ }


Please note that when you run the Docker container, you create a data folder as default cloud storage. So when you pass a file path from the data folder, there is no need to include data in the file path. For example, if your file abcdoc.docx is in the root of the data folder, you can simply pass the filename and the same is the case with the font path.