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DOCX to PDF conversion adds blank page using GroupDocs.Conversion Cloud

Word document does not have a blank page, but converted pdf has blank page inserted in some cases. Word document has table added via OpenXML sdk.

Hi @flopez4 We are sorry to hear that you have such issue. Could you please share with us example of such document that we can check it on our side.

Best regards.

Thanks for your response. Can you pl. provide me your email id? This is a confidential document that we would want to avoid sharing on the forum.

Hi @flopez4 My email is Also will be useful if you will share step by step guide of what exactly you do to reproduce the issue.

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Hi @flopez4 Thank you for sharing the document example. I have checked it and found out that on the page 14 you have a page break - please remove it and the empty page in the pdf file will not be added.

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Hi @pavelteplitsky,

The document usually has a page break on page 14 (after the table), so content after that goes onto the next page. Emailed you additional examples which have the page break - for these there is no blank page inserted.

In my previous example where it inserted the page break, it is there towards the end of page. Since table is dynamically generated, height of it can change. Can you pl. look at the examples i emailed and suggest a workaround?

Hi @flopez4 I will check new examples that you shared via email and then return to you.

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Hi @flopez4 We have created a bug ticket for this issue. When it will be resolved you will be notified here.

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Thank you for your help.

HI @flopez4 you are welcome.

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