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Draggale signature field not working on mobile


We are using the cloud api for our website. We have embedded the signature field on the documents and wanted it to be draggable using the lockduringsign property. It works well on desktop with mouse events but not on mobile as the signature field is not draggable on mobile device. I suppose this is because jquery ui-draggable doesnot support touch events. Any solution to this?


Any solutions to make the signature field draggable on mobile?



Thank you for your request. Unfortunately we don’t have such feature currently but if more of our paid customers will request such feature we will add it to our road map.

Best regards.



Adding the following javascript to your iframe output should make it draggable on mobile. Is there a way we can get the js added to the iframe?




Thank you for the information. We will check it and then come back to you.

Best regards.


Any updates on this? We need to implement this feature on the mobile version of our site asap.



Sorry for the delay. We have created a ticket for this issue and our Product team works on it. When the fix will be released I will notify you here.

Sorry for the inconvenience.


Do we have any updates on the issue?



Thank you for asking. Unfortunately I don’t have any news about the issue, it still in the queue for future implementation.

Please be patient and when I get any news I will notify you.

Sorry for the inconvenience.


Hello Pavel,

Any updates or timeline for this fix?



Sorry for the delay, The issue is fixed and will be available a day after tomorrow. The signature field will be draggable in the embeded envelop. For example via such URL pattern:

Best regards.