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Drupal plugin - upload file to GroupDocs using field within content type

I am evaluating the GroupDocs.Annotation for Cloud Drupal plugin but in testing are having the following problem:

I am using GroupDocs annotation version = "7.x-1.8"

and Drupal version = 7.43.

The issue I have is with the facility to upload documents to GroupDocs via the GroupDocs field in a Drupal content item.

By using the GUID as instructed Within my content item field, I can successfully view/access documents that have been uploaded directly to GroupDocs.

However, When I click on the 'Choose file GD Annotation' link of the GroupDocs field in Drupal, the lightbox opens showing a Choose File button and Go!/submit button, but also showing an error message ("Uh oh, looks like we are currently experiencing difficulties with our API, please be so kind as to drop an email to to let them know, thanks or click here to try again.") and I am unable to upload to GroupDocs successfully.

Any advice on where the error causing this is most likely to be? Thanks.


Thank you for your inquiry.

Could you please specify how you installed our plugin. Did you use these sources for install ? We will wait for your details .


Best regards,
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