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Error message when viewing files using GroupDocs Cloud Viewer App

Hi. We are using the GroupDocs Cloud Viewer embedded application and we are getting error messages when viewing a lot of different types of documents. We had reported this issue back in November and still haven’t had a resolution on it. See attached error message with URL.

MaulikErrorPreviewingDocuments.png (35.5 KB)

Hi @moza sorry for the delay. I found the issue…it is about a web document and the file name encryption. I have discussed this with our Product team for when it will be fixed and found out that it will be fixed this week.
Also as a temporary solution you can try to rename it.

Best regards.

Hi Pavel -

Has this issue been fixed?


Hi @moza As I described in your other thread We work on releasing a new API and the issue will be fixed in it. Please be patient and we will notify you when the new API will be available.

Sorry for the inconvenience.

Hi @moza Thank you for your patience, I have reply in your other thread about the same issue. Please check it.

Best regards.