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File Upload API Signature Changed - GroupDocs.Storage Cloud SDK for PHP

Last Friday (10/3) my Cloud API upload calls started failing (code 100). Today I spoke with GroupDocs support (Ihor) today and found that the API signature has changed. Ihor said that they are working on a fix that may not require client-side changes. However, if changes are required, they may release a new version of their SDK (in this case, the PHP variety).

If a code change is required, could GroupDocs please reply to this thread? If a code change is not required, could we get an update when the issue is resolved? Thank you!

Hi, there.

Sorry for this situation. The issue is already resolved. You may continue to use the upload with old signature. The new version of SDK with the additional argument in the upload method will be published tomorrow. This argument gives you an option to chose how to action in case the file with the same name already present on the server.
Again, our apologies for inconvenience caused with this update.

It is working. Thank you

Always glad to help. Feel free to contact us in case of need.