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Folder Case Sensitivity



We link our pdf’s in groupdocs annotation on the cloud with our system using a record Id generated in our system.

Essentially, a record is created in our Salesforce system with an id like: a19i0000002OaSx

So any PDF’s to be annotated are stored in a groupdocs folder under the folder: /a19i0000002OaSx/

This has been working fine until today. Someone created a ticket stating that documents were appearing on their record that they never uploaded. I investigated and found that this user created a record and it has an id of: a19i0000002OaSX. Notice the capitalized X at the end.

So what’s happening here is, our system is using the below code to query documents belonging to that record, but its not using case sensitivity. Is there a way to update our api call to use case sensitivity when querying documents in a folder? Thanks.

String folder = docId;
if (folder.endsWith(’/’) == false && folder.endsWith(’\’) == false) {
folder = folder + ‘/’;
if (folder.startsWith(’/’)) {
folder = folder.substringAfter(’/’);
if (folder.startsWith(’\’)) {
folder = folder.substringAfter(’\’);
GD_ListEntitiesResponse response = storageApi.ListEntities(GD_Utils.clientId, folder, null, null, ‘id’, null, null, null, null);



Thank you for your request. The ListEntities method doesn’t have option to check case sensitivity but you can prepare the folder name to be a case sensitive before passing it to the method. For how to do it please check this article .

Best regards.