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Generic Question about GroupDocs.Signature Cloud functionality

  1. Is there a hosted solution like the one at this URL? (
  2. Is there a limit of how many users can login into the application at a time?
  3. Will all the users view all of the envelopes under the same account?
  4. Can we use openId or our own SSO solution with your hosted solution?
  5. What is the difference between groupdocs and groupdocs cloud?
  6. How is the document signature certified?
  7. Are you SOC 2 and hipaa compliant?
  8. Does the REST calls return the actual HTML page or XML/JSON?
  9. If you don’t offer a hosted solution like the mentioned above…
  10. If we buy your product, do you offer the code (html, javascript, java/.net, etc) to mimic your website ( so we can deploy internally?
  11. How is signature trusted if we are hosting our own website? Do we send the document to you to be signed via REST calls?

3.What is the difference between groupdocs and groupdocs cloud?

I have seen a lot of different prices. Can you explain the difference? please see link below (3 pages)

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Thanks for your interest in GroupDocs.

Please note the subjected hosted solution( is depreciated now. We are not fixing any issues or making improvements in it. We have launched new Generation GroupDocs Cloud APIs. We have plans to create new Apps based on new GroupDocs Cloud APIs in the future, but I am afraid we can not share any timeline at the moment.

Please note offers .NET and JAVA downloadable(on-premises) APIs that allows developers to add document manipulation features in their application. Whereas offers Cloud REST APIs based on .NET APIs. You can use APIs for your self-host solution.

Please check compliance section of groupdocs policies for details.

Please check the documentation for signature verification.

Different REST APIs have different return type; saving actual file to storage/stream or return XML/JSON data.

We provide the APIs, you need to call them in your code as per your requirement.

I am afraid I am unable to get your point. Please share some more details, so we will guide you accordingly.