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GroupDocs.Viewer Cloud embedded viewer issue on Azure web site

Could not find file 'D:\home\site\wwwroot\App_Data\temp\Processing\16_payslip.pdf\2015-07-01T23_43_31\p0.html'. H

hi I'm running the demo in Azure website. I use Azure cloud storage blob and when click the preview, I download it into App_Data folder

the problem is it occasionally show OK but sometimes with errors above.

please give me a solution. thank you. Kind Regards

Hello Dongil,

We are sorry to hear that you have such issue. From your screenshot we can see that you use very old version of the Viewer. Please download and try with the latest version which you can download here.

Thank you.

Hi, I upgraded the assembly which you sent me a link.

However, it shows errors still.

and when I click scrollview/other views…

if you’d like, I can send you source code (Azure storage files to App_Data folder)

please give me your thought.

thank you.

Kind Regards


In such case yes, please share with us your source code (if possible entire project) that we can run it on our side and check what’s wrong.

Thank you.


We have checked your project and found out that you missed two properties of the GroupDocs.Viewer which you should be set if using Azure: Groupdocs.Web.UI.Viewer.SetStorageProvider and Groupdocs.Storage.Azure.AzureFileStorage

In your project we have changed the Default.aspx.cs for how it should be, please download zip package with fixed project from the “GROUPDOCS” folder in the DropBox.

The idea is next: with “Groupdocs.Web.UI.Viewer.SetStorageProvider” you connect to your Azure storage and then with “Groupdocs.Storage.Azure.AzureFileStorage” you will get list of all files. Then use this list for iterating with “foreach” in the Defaulr.aspx to generate table with the file names.

Important: please don’t forget to change example properties with your real data


now after applying the code into Azure VM, the pages are showing well.

however, I have another question, in case of big-sized document, let’s say, 1000 page document,

is it possible to show first page quickly? instead of making all pages navigatable?

my boss says if the document is big, the previewing should be still fast, by generating 1st page or…

so, my question is that, is it possible to preview first or second page quickly instead of processing whole pages? so, even if the document is so big, still the page loading may be quicker.

please give me a response soon.


Kind Regards


Glad to hear that the issue is resolved.

To load several first pages rapidly you can use .PreloadPagesCount(3) property of the Viewer widget. This property takes number of pages.

Best regards.