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How to configure Google Cloud Storage with GroupDocs Cloud

When trying to couple a Google Cloud storage bucket in https://dashboard.groupdocs.cloud/storages/googlecloud/create and filling in a storage name and the name of our bucket, clicking the “Generate keys” button directs us to an Error 400: redirect_uri_mismatch Google Login page, even after adding the “https://dashboard.groupdocs.cloud/storages/googlecloud/callback” to our Authorized Redirect URIs in the Google Cloud console. We’re currently stuck as all of our files are on Google Cloud Storage. Can you assist us on this?


Please ensure you have followed the steps mentioned in the following documentation. It will help you to configure and use Google Drive Storage with groupdocs.cloud APIs.


Thank you for responding. I have followed this documentation. This documentation is for using the Google Drive Storage though, where as I want to use Google Cloud Storage. When I click the “Generate tokens” button in https://dashboard.groupdocs.cloud/storages/googlecloud/create after filling in a storage name and my bucket name, I get directed to this page: image.png (40.7 KB)
Looking up this error, it is stated that we should fill in Authorized Redirect URI in the Google Cloud console. Filling in the URI in the Google Drive Storage documentation (https://dashboard.groupdocs.cloud/storages/googledrive/callback) or the link in the image above yields no result, as does changing the ‘googledrive’ bit in this link to ‘googlecloud’. Can you tell me what the Authorized Redirect URI for Google Cloud Storage is? Thank you.


Thanks for your feedback. We are investigating the issue and will share our findings with you.


We have fixed the issue. Please try now to configure Google Cloud Storage, it should be working.