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How to handle dynamic table heights in a template

Is it at all possible to set up a template to handle dynamic heights for tables that could change between PDFs? If so, can someone please point me in the direction of how it’s done.

Here is my current set up for the table, but it’s one for a fixed height:

      "fieldType": "TABLE",
      "name": "parts",
      "pageNumber": 2,
      "x": 9.371069182389936,
      "y": 8.742138364779873,
      "width": 576.9811320754716,
      "height": 112.45283018867926,
      "columns": [
        { "name": "TC:0", "value": 283.85534591194954 },
        { "name": "TC:1", "value": 372.0314465408803 },
        { "name": "TC:2", "value": 455.67924528301876 },
        { "name": "TC:3", "value": 520.4591194968551 }

Thanks for any help.


We are looking into your requirements(PARSERCLOUD-330) and will update you shortly.