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How to hide specific annotation tools in GroupDocs.Annotation Cloud embedded app in PHP


I want to show only a subset of the available annotation tools in my application. Is there a way to do this within the PHP-SDK? I already tried to set the user-permissions with

$user->access_rights = 41;

which should hide the redaction tools in my opinion?

Additionally: I was not able to find a complete manual for the PHP-SDK with explanation of all available options - any hint?

Thank you

Hi @schlueter Thank you for your request. First of all I want start my reply from explanation the documentation status: currently we have released a new generation API and the legacy documentation is closed. Also I want to notify you that you can migrate to the new API when we will release a PHP SDK for it (unfortunately I can’t provide any ETA for when it will be released but I can say that it will be very soon).

Unfortunately legacy API doesn’t allow to show/hide some of the annotation tools.

As for the user access rights- you can use one of this values:
or All
to set collaborator access rights.

Best regards.

Thank you for clearing the documentation status. Will I be notified when new PHP SDK and Documentation is available?

I will test the option “All” for the access-rights to avoid error messages with the redacting tools in annotation.


Thank you for writing back. Please have a look at this Next Generation - GroupDocs.Annotation for Cloud API documentation for complete details.

We will update you here once Next Generation - GroupDocs.Annotation for Cloud API PHP SDK is released and available for integration.

Thank you for your cooperation.