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How to self host GroupDocs.Viewer Cloud for On premise server

Hello Groupdocs Team,

My requirement : I want to view Doc(x) files on browser from my OnPremise server.

I went through your cloud sdk which have good feature of uploading a doc file for viewing and editing.

we want your cloud SDK for our OnPremise server. By which we can view the docs even if we are in Offline or No internet connection conditions.

we will be hosting your cloud SDK on our OnPremise server so that our employees can use it in our area.

thank you


Thank you for your request. Unfortunately our Cloud SDK require internet connection and will not work in offline mode. Also to view the document you should upload it to our server or another cloud storage such as DropBox, Google Drive or Amazon S3.

To be able to host our Viewer on your server and view the documents from it (if you can’t upload it to our server) you can check GroupDocs Viewer for .NET or Java. These libraries are stand alone libraries and can be integrated with your application and view your files directly from your server.

Best regards.

Thanks team for the reply,

Is there any chance that you can provide your cloud sdk code to us…

so that we can host it to our onpremise server which is in our own network(local). so that user will be connected to our network and they can view/edit the doc files in browser.

Hi again,

Sorry but this is not possible. The best way is to use GroupDocs.Viewer for .NET library as I said earlier. We have several examples for how to use it (ready for use applications) which you can customize as you need.

Best regards.