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How to use groupdocs.viewer with a standalone angular application and a separate .Net Web API application?

We want to use the document viewer functionality in our angular application. We already have the license of Conholdate.Total so we were exploring GroupDocs.Viewer package. From the documentation and examples, it seems like this works when the .Net and the angular applications are tied together. It is our understanding that the .Net application generates view files and then a selector in the angular application renders that file. Ours is a .Net WebAPI application and a separate angular application that consumes the endpoints of the .Net application. Is it possible to achieve the same thing in our case where there is no connection between .Net and angular application and they can only communicate using REST API endpoints? @groupdocs.examples.angular/viewer package also seems to require the .Net application to be tied to the angular application. How can we use the UI that the groupdocs.Viewer provides in our application?



If you are interested in the REST API solution, then you can use the GroupDocs.Viewer REST API in your application. It can be used with any language/platform that supports REST. I’m afraid currently we do not have any ready to use examples, but you may use GroupDocs.Viewer REST API using Angular HttpClient .

However, if you are looking for an on-premise API solution, then you can use GroupDocs.Viewer for .NET to view the documents in your application. Please check the sample project . Please let us know if you need any further assistance.