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Improve Signature Field


The signature field using the GroupDocs signature API needs to be improved so that the user can place the signature field where he likes such as you have on the cloud apps version. So allow the user to move the signature box around and not require x and y coordinates as you do in the API version.



Thank you for your request. We assume that you ask for the functional that available in the GroupDocs Web site when you create envelope. When you create envelope from GroupDocs.Signature for Cloud APP and add signature field to the document the cloud app will create field by the same code which you call from the API (it will call same API functional). Since that the only way to add this to your Web page is to create your own UI which will allow this functional. For this you will be needed:

1 Show to user all available fields – you can get them by using this functions:!/signature/GetSignatureEnvelopeFields_GET!/signature/GetFieldsList_GET

2 Dynamically get coordinates and size for the field when user add it and use them in the

$signFieldEnvelopSettings->locationX = "0.15";

$signFieldEnvelopSettings->locationY = "0.73";

$signFieldEnvelopSettings->locationWidth = "150";

$signFieldEnvelopSettings->locationHeight = "50";

3 Create field via Api when user finish with adding – for example click a button “Finish”

If you will have more questions please feel free to contact us.