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Java Converter Excel to Pptx auto width

Using Converter
It converts from xlsx to pptx
The xlsx content is truncated and converted.
Is there a way to convert xlsx contents because they are not cut?

[Refer to the JAVA sources]
Converter converter = new Converter(rsltFile.getPath());
PresentationConvertOptions options = new PresentationConvertOptions();
converter.convert(qcReportPptxFile.toString(), options);

[Refer to the image]
image.png (99.5 KB)
image.png (48.1 KB)


I am afraid I could not find Converter Object in GroupDocs.Conversion Cloud SDK for Java. Can you please confirm which converter you are referring in your code?

However, if you are using GroupDocs.Conversion Cloud SDK for Java then you need to set setOnePagePerSheet proerty of SpreadSheetLoadoptions to true as following to resolve the content truncation issue.

// Prepare convert settings
ConvertSettings settings = new ConvertSettings();
SpreadsheetLoadOptions loadOptions = new SpreadsheetLoadOptions();


You used groupdocs-conversion-22.3.jar. (com.groupdocs.conversion.Converter)
I’ve used setOnePagePerSheet(true)
It is not cut like the image below, but it is converted into one sheet.

image.png (15.1 KB)

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