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Merge PowerPoint Slides throws FileCorruptedException


I’m experimenting merging lots of files. The first thing I noticed is that when I want to merge selected pages of multiple presentations, the output presentation always has all pages of the first presentation, no matter which array of pages I use as input. I have now implemented a solution based on adding a blank presentation of one page in the beginning and at the end of merging, deleting this first page. The second issue I’m having is whenever I try to merge all pages of more than 5 presentations, I get an “Exception 500 GroupDocs.Merger.Exceptions.FileCorruptedException” when trying to remove the first page of the output presentation. I get this no matter which order of my test presentations I use. Is this a known issue?



We have tested the scenario and noticed the reported issue. So logged a ticket MERGERCLOUD-59 in our issue tracking system to resolve it. We will notify you as soon as it is resolved.


I am afraid I’m unable to reproduce the issue with six presentations. Please share your sample code and sample presentations with us. We will try to replicate the issue and investigate it.

Hi, Has there been progress on ticket MERGERCLOUD-59? Thank you.

Since the data I’m working with is client data, and my code is prohibited to be shared as well, I’m afraid I can’t share it. However I think solving the issue of ticket MERGERCLOUD-59, will also solve this issue as the exception is thrown during the removal of the first slide. Thanks.


We are working on the issue resolution. Hopefully, if everything works as per plan then we will be able to provide you the fix in the upcoming release, GroupDocs.Merger Cloud 21.12.


Yes, after the fix of MERGERCLOUD-59 you do not need to use the workaround.

Is there a time frame you can share with me on the GroupDocs.Merger Cloud 21.12 release?


We have a plan to release GroupDocs.Merger Cloud 21.12 in the coming week. However, we will confirm you when we publish it.


We have good news for you, we have released the GroupDocs.Merger Cloud 21.12 which includes the fix of above reported issue.

Thank you very much!

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