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Node.js HTML to PDF direct request conversion. Margin options not applied to all pages

I have an issue with converting html to pdf with groupdocs cloud low code on nodejs (REST). Using:

“groupdocs-conversion-cloud”: “^22.10.0”
“node.js” version 14.18.2

Basically, we want to adjust document’s margin on pdf because generated file with default margin has very big spaces (top,bottom,left,right). The main problem is that converted file has inconsistent format.
So, I provide convertObjects as argument

const convertOptions = new PdfConvertOptions();
new ConvertDocumentDirectRequest(‘pdf’, Buffer.from(htmlStyled), 1, 20, loadOptions, convertOptions)

image.png (74.5 KB)
image.png (28.9 KB)

It seems that any convert options provided are ALWAYS ignored(see examples above) from page 5. No matter of content. I have tried everything. The only thought that comes to my mind is something with Buffer size limit. If yes, then is it a bug? Or default size that I cannot change on your API?

Please, could you provide any guidance how we can solve this problem? Or any email to communicate in order to send you any POC stuff? It is highly critical.

Thank you in advance!


As requested in your other post, please share your input document and sample code for investigation.