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Not compare header/footer


I am trying to determine which option will control shutting off comparison of the header/footer. I am using this description of the settings: Settings Help. But this does not necessarily match with the examples Example Here. Any ideas? Thanks!



Thanks for your inquiry. I am afraid currently GroupDocs.Comparison Cloud does not support the requested feature. I have logged a ticket COMPARISONCLOUD-118 for further investigation and resolution. We will keep you updated about the issue resolution progress.


Thanks for the quick feedback. Can you provide me the link to review/track the Comparison Cloud issues? Thanks.



Thanks for your feedback. I am afraid you can not access the link because it is our internal issue tracking system. However, we will notify you via this forum thread as soon as some update is available.



We are planing to implement feature to ignore header, footer in comparison. Can you please confirm in which file format you are interested? So we will plan it first. Please also share sample source and target document along with the expected output document. It will help us to address your issue exactly. You may zip your sample documents and attach to the post