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PDFs are parsing incompletely

I am using group docs parser api to parse documents. EPUBs are parsing fine but PDFs are parsing incompletely.
I have my software in production and i am losing users because of this.

Below is the code i am using.
Upload is working fine and epubs and docx are also working fine but PDFs are incompletley parsed

Future<String?> getParsedText(File? file, String? fileName) async {
    var accessToken = await generateJwt();
    var filePath = await uploadDocumentToCloud(file, fileName, accessToken);

    var url = Uri.parse('https://api.groupdocs.cloud/v1.0/parser/text');
    var body = jsonEncode({
      "FileInfo": {
        "FilePath": filePath,
    var headers = {
      'Content-Type': 'application/json',
      'Accept': 'application/json',
      'x-aspose-client': 'Containerize.Swagger',
      'Authorization': 'Bearer $accessToken',
    var response = await http.post(url, body: body, headers: headers);
    if (response.statusCode == 200) {
      var text = jsonDecode(response.body)["text"];
      return text;
    return null;


Please share your input PDF file with us. We will investigate the issue and will guide you accordingly.

8020.pdf (1.4 MB)
I have tried multiple pdf and all of them are incomplete. But all the epubs are completely parsed.I need to extract all the text from the pdfs


Thanks for sharing the source PDF document. We have tested the scenario and noticed the reported issue(PARSERCLOUD-210). We have logged a ticket for further investigation and rectification. We will notify you as soon as it is resolved.

Please give an estimate on how long it will take? I am losing users because of it


I am afraid we cannot share any estimate at the moment as the issue investigation is pending. We will share an ETA/Update with you as soon as the issue investigation is completed.


Please note your above reported issue is resolved. Please use the latest version of GroupDocs.Parser Cloud API for the fix.