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Previewing XLSM file in GroupDocs.Viewer Cloud embedded App


I am using groupdocs viewer to preview documents on my website (.NET SDK)

I have an issue When I preview a .XLSM document (Macro enabled Excel Spreadsheet).

It works fine on my local machine

But on our cloud sites I get the error :

Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property ‘find’ of undefined

I’m not sure what the issue is but I am concerned because it is working locally. Is this a known issue? Does groupdocs viewer 100% support .XLSM document types?


Hello Sam,

We are sorry to hear that you have such issue. Please share with us next:

1. Document example
2. Version of the GroupDocs.Viewer you use
3. IIS server version and configuration - pool mode (classic or integrated).

Thank you.

The issues you have found earlier (filed as WEB-1706) have been fixed in this update.

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Hi there

image of the error:

I can’t upload the file to this website, it doesn’t support uploads of xlsm documents.

Groupdocs version:

IIS Config: integrated

Hello Sam,

Thank you for coming back. You use very old version of the Viewer library. Please download and try the latest version

Thank you.

I will be updating my libraries in the next few days.

It does work locally with my current libraries, just not when deployed to our web site.

I will report back when I have updated the libraries.

Hello Sam,

Thank you for the notification. Yes, please come back to us with the results of the library update. Also since locally all works fine and you have the issue only on the server - please compare what is the different between your local project configuration and the server configuration for the web site.

Will be very helpful if you will share all these data with us and as we asked earlier please share with us example of the document that we can check the issue.

Thank you.

Here is a file that causes the issue for me. Please extract the Excel XLSM document out of the zip and attempt to load it up.

I will be awaiting your results.

Hello Sam,

Thank you for document example. We have reproduced the issue and created a bug ticket. Our product team will resolve it. When it will be ready we will notify you here.

As a temporary solution you can try to use image based mode for Viewer - .UseHtmlBasedEngine(false)

Sorry for the inconvenience.

Hello Sam,

We have fixed the issue. Please try with the latest version of the Viewer.

Best regards.