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Rendering EPUB files to embed on online sites using GroupDocs.Viewer Cloud API

I am very interested by the Joomla extension of GroupDocs Viewer for Cloud to embed epub format on an internet site.
But I can’t find online demos showing epub books readable online (on computer, tablet or smartphone).
Do you know sites with this ebook reader embedded?

Thanks for your help!


Thank you for showing your interest in Next Generation GroupDocs.Viewer for Cloud API.

Yes GroupDocs.Viewer for Cloud API supports EPUB formats, Please click here for further details regarding supported document formats.

We are sorry currently GroupDocs is not providing the extension or any apps for Joomla or other platforms. However GroupDocs is providing SDKs like GroupDocs.Viewer for Cloud API SDK for PHP to embed Viewer functionality into your application. Please click here to explore Next Generation GroupDocs.Viewer for Cloud API documentation.

Please feel free to contact us if you will need any further help.

Thanks for your answer.
I am glad to know that GroupDocs.Viewer for Cloud API supports EPUB formats.

I’ve heard that there’s no official demo site, but perhaps you could provide me URL of sites that embed your Viewer for epub formated books?


Thank you for writing back. Please note that the Next Generation GroupDocs.Viewer for Cloud API is UI less which allows to create your own required document viewer applications & extensions. Please have a look at these GroupDocs.Viewer for Cloud API PHP SDK examples for your understanding & list of our customers around the world utilizing our products.