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Rending documents in PHP using GroupDocs.Viewer REST API error


Trying to run a php sample code from and getting error (screenshot below). Intention is to show word file in browser. looking for urgent help to give demo to the client.

image.png (75.3 KB)

image.png (97.4 KB)



I have tested the PHP code with a sample document and unable to reproduce the exception. Please share your input document here as a zip file. We will further investigate the issue and will guide you.

Hi Tilal,

Attached files in zip format. Please try to run php_viewer.php



You are getting the error because the API call is unable to find test_file.docx. Please upload the target file to storage and then run_php_viewer.php. It will resolve the issue. Furthermore, please never share your credentials in forums until we ask you. And we use the private message for sharing confidential information.

I have removed your shared project from the post and it is recommended to regenerate your secret from dashboard.