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Text replacement annotation evaluation in Cloud API for .NET

We are using an older version of Annotation, Compare, and Viewer.

I am trying to use my existing account to evaluate whether the bugs and issues were already resolved and if should upgrade.

I am trying the cloud version to try out but I am getting an error. Please see attached.



Hi Leo,

We are sorry to hear that you have such issue. Could you please clarify next: you want to use the Cloud API to verify if some issue was resolved in the stand alone library?

Also could you please provide more info about the issue in the Cloud API - what exactly you do and share the file example if possible.

Thank you.

Hi Pavel,

I am evaluating the following issues but thought of using the Cloud API instead.

Also, the last time I tried to evaluate 3.0, export is not able to fully export to MS Doc including comments.

There is also the precision issue we have had as in the replace text tool where the selected text does not fully replace the text in the exported MS Doc.




Hi Leo,

Thank you for the clarification. The issues fixes in the stand alone libraries are released in the stand alone library first and only after that the Cloud API will be updated - since that you can’t use Cloud API to check if the issue is resolved in the library.

I will check mentioned posts and reply you there.

Best regards.