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Typewriter Tool issue in Chrome using GroupDocs Cloud App


My userbase is reporting that the Typewriter tool only works in IE and FireFox if you hold down down left mouse button while typing into the box. It does however, work fine in Chrome. Is this something that can be addressed? Thanks.


Thank you for this request.

The product team was informed about it and we created a ticket in our system (ANNOTATION-1177). When the issue will be fixed you’ll get an email notification.

Thanks for your patience.


Best regards,

Evgen Efimov
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we are facing exactly the same problem - no fix for it since 2015?

Hi @schlueter Thank you for your request. We have released Next Generation GroupDocs for Cloud APIs with more enhanced, efficient and improved programming structure. So, I’m afraid we are not fixing any issues or making improvements in old obsolete versions, because of their complex API structure. So we will appreciate it if you please try latest version of GroupDocs for Cloud APIs. You can consume these APIs in your applications/website for supported features.".

As for the max file size - this options depends from your subscription plan. All it details you can find in your GroupDocs account settings.

Best regards.

Hey Pavel,

thank you for your answer - but isn’t this an issue with the embedded annotations rather than the API itself?

To be honest: i am completely lost among the different versions, features and the names for those features of groupdocs… I really hope you can clarify this for me.

I started with a free account on and the PHP-SDK as explained on Meanwhile i upgraded to the StartupBasic plan.

You repeatedly gave the hint to the new Version, so:

I am able to log in to the new, which I assume is the home of the “new version”. But i can’t find neither my already uploaded documents nor a basic documentation for the things i need: how to upload a document, how to introduce a new user with the cURL API? How to generate a link to open a document in an embedded annotation window? All the things i did in the past…

I am able to log into with my credentials, too - but what for? How are all those Websites connected?

Please: i need a starting point, a basic manual how to use the new API and a PHP-SDK…

Hi @schlueter Sorry for confusion caused. Please start your investigation of the new API from this documentation . Also you will find cURL examples for how to call the API. The PHP-SDk for the new Annotation API will be available soon. Meanwhile you can use cURL to call the API.

As for the documents that you have uploaded to the - if you need we can migrate them to the

Best regards.

Hey Pavel,
I was able to get a few steps forward with the new API, but I am still missing some essential things - seems as if the feature-list of the next generation is a lot shorter than before?

In the new Dashboard there is no viewer for my files, right? And i can´t find an app to do annoations starting from the dashboard.

I was not able to figure out, how to upload files programmatically.

And what about embedded viewer an embedded annotation? Are these features cancelled in the new version?

Please provide some more details, if possible.



Thanks for your feedback. Yes, your understanding is right, new GroupDocs Cloud APIs do not provide any GUI app or embedded viewer. It provides the APIs that can be used in your apps/websites. However, we have plan to provide document viewer tool/apps in future, but I am afraid we cannot share any timeline at the moment. We have already logged a feature request(VIEWERCLOUD-121) for the purpose. We will notify you as soon as some update is available in this regard.

We have already published the SDKs of .NET for new GroupDocs for Cloud APIs and now SDKs of PHP are in progress. The PHP SDK of GroupDocs.Viewer for Cloud API is published and PHP SDKs for other GroupDocs for Cloud products will be completed soon. Our product team is working hard to include SDKs of different platforms along with new features in GroupDocs for Cloud APIs. However, we will appreciate it if you please list the feature you found missing or interested in new Cloud APIs, we will try to address them accordingly.

You can use following Rest API to upload the files programmatically. We will include the related article in documentation along with SDK examples shortly.

curl -v ""
-X PUT \
-T C:/testfile.doc \
-H "Content-Type: multipart/form-data" \
-H "Accept: application/json" \
-H "authorization: Bearer xxxxxxxxxxx"

Please check following documentation for details and feel free to contact us for any further assistance.

Creating and Managing Account
Authenticating API Requests
Live Examples

Hello Tilal,
thank you for detailed information.

Since in our usecase the embedded annotations are absolutely necessary, the new GroupDocs Cloud for us is not worth a penny in this stadium, and so we have to stay with the older version, which seems to be a bit buggy (concerning the embedded annotations, see this topic for example). To be honest: as we are still developing our application, we ask ourselves, if Groupdocs is still the right platform to base on.

So here´s a really important question to be answered, to help us with the decision: for how long will the operation of the old API with all features (including the embedded annotations) be guaranteed? Is there already a EOL determined?


Thanks for your feedback. We will appreciate it if you please share some more details about embedded annotation requirement. Please check this API details, new GroupDocs for Cloud supports to add annotation in supported file formats.

If you meant “GUI apps” by missing features then I am afraid we cannot share any time line for it at the moment, because currently our product team is focused on REST APIs. Furthermore, in reference to old GroupDocs for Cloud APIs, as we stated above we are not fixing issues and making any improvement in these cloud APIs.

We are sorry for the inconvenience.

Our usecase which requires en embedded annotation ‘GUI app’ is as follows: We have documents which are provided to participiants of training courses on laptops/tablet-pc. Every participiant gets an individual link to his own copy an makes his annotation during the training. After the training we keep the individual documents available for some weeks and the participiant can work further on them or print them to his own archive.

As you can see, adding annotations programmatically is not what we need. We only need to transfer our files, copy them for every participiant and generate individual links for the embedded annotation ‘GUI app’ for our work.

So, if we want to rely on the exisiting Version ‘as is’, we need secured information, for how long it will be available in the future. Can you make a statement, if we will be able to work with the old API and the embedded annotation for e.g. the next 12 months? Is there a date for switching those services off?


Thanks for sharing the additional information. We will notify you as soon as some update is available about the viewer tool/apps of new GroupDocs for Cloud APIs.

We are coordinating with the concerned team and will provide you exact information.


Thanks for your patience. Please note we have plan to launch new apps on as and this up gradation plan of apps is targeted in Q2 or start of Q3 of this year. Meanwhile the old apps version will remain same as it is.