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Upload and Merge Documents using GroupDocs Cloud APIs for .NET C#

I am currently evaluating your product for use on our web site. Our primary use will be uploading a template and merging documents using Assembly. We will be starting with the Cloud API using .NET.

1) Can you point me to a clear overview of how templates, questionnaires, and documents are related?

2) Is there an API for uploading a template? I see questionnaires and merging but no templates.

3) The .NET cloud API sample (groupdocs-dotnet-master\examples\api-samples) is missing some referenced libraries (Groupdocs.Assembly, Groupdocs.Comparison.Common, System.Web.Helpers, System.Web.WebPages). As a result, the sample does not compile.

4) Does the cloud API require the group docs libraries to also be downloaded?

5) The sample isn't using the NuGet package. Is there a sample that does use the .NET Cloud API NuGet package?

Thanks for your help!

Hi Dave,

Thank you for your interest in GroupDocs.

1. Answer on your first question is quite simple - document is a base for the template, in other words template is a document with fields for filling. In its turn template is a base for the questionnaire. The questionnaire is a ready for use template which you share with your users.

2. GroupDocs.Cloud SDK is all in one solution. Since that to upload your template to the GroupDocs you don;t need any additional API. For how to upload it please check our live demo example . ON the example web page you can see such link “Docs for this sample” - it will navigate you to the source code of the example with description.

3. All required libraries are placed in the root of the same repository.

4. If you mean these libraries - then no, these is a stand alone libraries for integrating with your project with out access to the GroupDocs.Cloud

5. When you will download all required libraries from our repository you will not need the Nuget.

Best regards.

Thanks Pavel.

If I want to call the REST API directly, which url do I call to upload the template document? I’ve looked through all of the calls posted on Swagger!/merge and I don’t see anything obvious to upload a file.

My customers will already have their templates created. Everything will happen within our web site. I simply want to upload a template, pass in the fields to replace, and get the merged document back from GroupDocs. Seems like this should be 3 calls. It’s still not clear to me how to accomplish this task.

1) URL to upload a template
2) URL to pass in the fields (or the full process required to get from template to questionnaire with the data to use to replace the template fields)
3) URL to merge the template with the fields and get the merged document back

Thanks again!

Hi Dave.

To achieve your goal you should just set the only one URL: ""
For the same behavior we have live demo example, please check it here and the source code example is here.

Best regards.