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URGENT | EML To PDF Conversion Affected | PAID Subscription


We are using groupdoc cloud conversion engine to convert our files to PDF, since today afternood 12-NOV-20 12:37:31 PM EST, all our conversion are failing with group docs.

Below is the Log from Groupdocs

groupdocsP /prod/private/cases/3/17/48/47/files/original/EmailMessage_ID_3174847_original.eml pdf 0 false /prod/private/cases/3/17/48/47/files/converted/EmailMessage_ID_3174847_eml.pdf 0 oracle.fabric.common.FabricInvocationException: java.lang.RuntimeException: Media type not present in the request headers Media type not present in the request headers null 0

Our applications are currently affected, we are paid customer.



We are sorry for the inconvenience. It seems your file specific issue. As I tested the scenario with a sample EML file and unable to reproduce the reported issue. Kindly share your input document along with your sample code. We will investigate it and guide you.


As an update, now you can convert the documents without using cloud storage. We have introduced the following API in GroupDocs.Conversion Cloud 20.11 release to convert documents from the request body.

PUT ‚Äč/conversion Converts input document file to format specified