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Using GroupDocs Cloud APIs in Salesforce

I’m looking to use GroupDocs Cloud in our Salesforce application, can you point me to any use examples or resource.

I found the following two on GitHub but they’re quite old(4 years)

I’m guessing with our application being on the Salesforce platform my options are API or Javascript as far as integration points? Or do I leverage Heroku with Salesforce Connect?


Thank you for your interest in GroupDocs. To use out Cloud API in your Salesforce application you can use our JavaScript SDK which you can download here. Also examples for how to use it you will find in the “Examples” folder in the same repository.

Best regards.

I looked at the Javascript examples you mentioned, they are not good, the reason I say that is because there are two folders and the “not-recommended” folder has more content, and the “recommended” doesn’t have a working example. There’s even an issue open against the examples.

I see that the Java and .Net versions are more up to date. Is it fair to say Java and/or .Net are more widely used? Of the two, which do you see more used by your current customers?

Is there a specific platform which is favored?



Thank you for coming back. The .NET and Java versions are stand a lone libraries which allows to build a custom application which is not depends from our Cloud service and servers - all documents can be stored any where you want and the UI should be developed by your own - what provides to you a free way to build what you want. Since that these libraries are more used.

As for the JavaScript SDK - yes you are right the “not-recommended” folder contains more examples and these examples should be used to test and learn how to use it.

Best regards.

Ok, thank you!

Would there be recommended examples for the JavaScript SDK available somewhere?


Thank you for the question. You can use “not-recommended” examples they are work well, simply do not pay attention to the name of the directory. All these examples are safe to use.

This folder has “not-recommended” name because the example file contains dummy data used just for the example behavior.

Best regards.